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Commercial leases

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Commercial leases​

A&A Solicitors, we are specialists in all types of commercial leases including:

  • Negotiation of new commercial leases
  • Lease assignments
  • Exclusion of business tenancy
  • Security under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Underlettings surrenders, re-gears, break clauses
  • Rent reviews
  • Lease renewals

Lease is an agreement between a landlord and a business outlining terms and conditions of property rental. A commercial lease is specific to renters using the property for business or other commercial purposes versus residential use.

One must remember that there are far more statutory regulations that protect residential tenants than commercial tenants; therefore it is far more important that a commercial tenant is fully aware of its lease terms and the implications of the same. There are many aspects of leases that require consideration, negotiation and amendment.

On behalf of our clients we give particular attention to the areas of repair responsibility, permitted use, fair rent review provisions, fair service charge provisions etc. These are the areas if not dealt with prior to entering into the commercial tenancy, it may prove to be extremely costly and restrictive thereafter. Our expert team of solicitors is here to assist you with understanding the Landlord’s form of lease, reporting upon the same, amending the same, and dealing with all ancillary matters.

A&A Solicitors are specialists to deal with your commercial leases and business agreements.

We offer fixed fee tenant services, giving you the control over the level of service and the cost.

Please speak to one of our expert now by calling on 0161 883 3581 or fill our enquiry form here.

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