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Personal Injury​

Every year thousands of people become the victim of accident and suffer injuries in the UK. These injuries can be a physical injury, disease or sickness, or a psychological injury or illness which sometimes have lifelong affects and even causes death to the victims.

Examples of personal injuries are:

An injury at work; this includes injury caused due to accident at work and due to unsafe practices at the place of work;

A psychological illness caused by stress and bullying at place of work; An injury caused in a road traffic accident;

An injury received as a result of faulty goods or services; An injury caused due slips, trips and falls;

A physical or psychological injury sustained by a victim in the course of a crime;

A psychological illness caused by discrimination or harassment in your work-place;

An injury caused by a dog bite

Compensation cannot be claimed in each and every accident. For each successful claim, the claimant needs to establish that the defendant was having duty of care towards the claimant which is breached and damages arise from this breach.

It’s not only to establish the liability in a personal injury claim which is important but also speed of resolving the matter, right amount of compensation and recovery of special damages which really matters. This makepersonal injury very complex field of law and not every firm has ability and capacity to provide expert legal service in this field.

Here at A&A Solicitors we are experienced to deal with the following types of claims

We at A&A Solicitors pride ourselves one of the best if not the best firm of solicitors with legal expertise in field of personal injury law. We fight for every single penny of compensation our client deserves.

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